How To Help Others Suffering From Substance Abuse

There are a lot of people telling you their opinions when it comes to substance abuse and those suffering from substance abuse.  For many, the world has changed to one that is more forgiving of those who use drugs such as offering them lighter sentences in jail or even a fine.  However, they fail to look at all of the lives that have been ruined and all those that are still yet to be ruined.  This is why substance abuse willoughby professional help is so critical.  Without help, generations will be lost.

Look for the signs

The first thing that you want to do is look for the signs.  When you look at the signs of substance abuse you will see some specific patterns.  Frist of all, you will see that people will start to withdraw from social situations.  They will stop going to work, stop hanging out with friends and even stop going out altogether.  So, if you see this in people, don’t panic but start to engage more and start looking for other signs.

Dramatic change in weight

When we start using drugs this is the only thing that we want to do.  We will start to lose weight and lose it fast.  The reason for this is that we are taking in such little nutrients that we are starting to burn our stored-up fat for substance.

substance abuse willoughby

Items missing around your house

Another sign is that people will start to steal in order to support their habit.  When you have people in your family that are using substances you may start to see things vanish or come up missing.  If this happens, you want to keep an eye on what these people do when they are in your house and lock up anything that is particularly valuable.